The MIT Industrial Liaison Program hosted SAIL's CEO, Ryan Davis, for a discussion panel on Perspectives on AI in Life Science.

The open discussion with other industry leaders focused on the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and the impact it could have on accelerating research and improving patient care.

Data is accumulating everywhere in the 21st century, and each passing year brings new information sources to improve our insights and understanding of human health. To keep up with these new sources of information, healthcare needs to settle issues of data ownership and begin empowering access to these new sources of valuable information.

As data becomes commodified, algorithms tuned to find signals in the noise are becoming ever more valuable. Integrating these algorithms into the information they need to be successful is a mammoth task, and one that SAIL seeks to solve with a more advanced data architecture: one that enables ownership and safe access to data and algorithms.

Photo credit goes to Manolis Kellis via his post on Twitter.